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Wayne L.:
What I think McCartney should do after his next & possible final tour is released a live retrospective DVD of all his tours from 72-05 for the fans which would also be a TV special.  Another live album with a another concert rockumentary would be kind of boring because it's been so predictable from Paul after every tour since 89/90.  I would personally like to see footage from his first tour with Wings back in 72/73 since he played such small gigs for a former Beatle with his best lineup.

yep, sounds good to me.
I was somewhat dissapointed when I bought Wingspan and it basically didn't have live footage, at least not as I expected

Wayne L.:
I think a 5 CD live retrospective of live performances from 72-05 from Paul would be GREAT just as much as a DVD if it ever happens since his touring days are numbered especially after this upcoming tour.


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