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...if you could have the Beatle you're crushing on sing one song to you or about you, which would it be?

- The song must be written by the Beatles.
- The Beatle you love doesn't have to be the one who actually sang the song. For instance, it's okay to have John, George, or Ringo sing "The Long and Winding Road," if you happen to like that song but not have a crush on Paul.
- If you don't have a Beatle crush but there's a song that you'd like sung to you anyway, you can post that too.

I'll go first:
I'd want George to sing "Do You Want to Know a Secret" to me.

I'd have paul sing "She Loves You" and I'd be like "Youre damn right she does, now dance monkey"

Barbara Bach

Eat At Home


I'd have Paul sing In My Life to me.

Wait, wasn't that a John song?


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