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The Beach Boys

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I'll go for Surfin' USA, only because I have a spoof version by 'French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson', that knocks my socks off!!

Hello Goodbye:
I really like everything they did.  They are, after all, "An American Band."



--- Quote from: 59 ---I really like everything they did.
--- End quote ---

Then you've probably never heard the albums they made after 1979... :)

Break Away and Tears In The Morning. Obviously I like their late 60's sound. Not into the surfing stuff.

My top 10:
1. God Only Knows
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
3. Forever
4. This Whole World
5. Break Away
6. Time To Get Alone
7. Surf's Up
8. Good Vibrations
9. I Get Around
10. Our Prayer


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