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WOW !!

great collection Joost ;)

Hello Goodbye:

Haven't played anything Beach Boys-related in months, but I'm listening right now to Al's 'Postcard To California' album and it's pretty nice. A pleasant surprise so far.

Yeah, "pleasant" pretty much sums up that album. It's by no means a great work of art, but it's pretty cool.

Something I think is funny about that album is that hardly anyone noticed that it was even released, even though you'll have a hard time finding a record with a more impressive selection of guest performers.

Some Beach Boys news:

After the 50th Anniversary Tour, Mike Love & Bruce Johnston returned to touring with their own version of The Beach Boys, as everyone who cares will know by now. But an interesting development is that Al Jardine & David Marks have now joined Brian Wilson and his band. They'll be playing a few US dates this Summer. Check brianwilson.com for details.

The live double cd 'Live: the 50th Anniversary Tour' was released this week. It's got 41 songs, including most of the greatest hits but also a few more obscure fan favorites such as 'Marcella', 'Add Some Music to Your Day' and 'All This is That'. Reactions from Beach Boys fans have been overwhelmingly negative because the recordings sound very fake. Many of the vocals have been very obviously autotuned (some so heavily that they just sound robotic) and some people even believe that vocals from the original albums have been mixed in here and there.

The career spanning 6 CD box set 'Made in California', has been announced for August 27. The tracklisting has not yet been released. It's likely going to be something of a revised version of 1993's 'Good Vibrations' box set (with the hits, important album tracks, alternate versions and unreleased songs), but with "new" rarities.


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