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you've got a mailbox at last.lovely      

Kaleidoscope Eyes! I, Jane`s official spokesperson  8), would like to thank you, on her behalf, for your congratulations and would like to assure you and all the rest honourable posters that you are always welcome to pay an official or informal visit, which one is at your discretion, to this place and discuss the most pressing world issues or the most weird personal concerns or any other classified as well as unclassified information here.

Ok, may I add something in line with the statement? "Cordial welcome is guaranteed!" (Jane  :))

You need a stick-figure-ified mailbox.

You are heartily welcome, freakchic 9! Let me accompany you to the negotiating-table and start the discussion. The first issue on the agenda is: What kind of mailbox, that you suggest, is it? Your turn now, my counterpart!  8)

(in fact, freakchic, to tell you the truth, I just didn`t understand a single word you posted  :B, and I am so ashamed that I ask you to save the(my) face by posting something in a politically correct language and then confidentially, in brackets, telling me what it means. OK?  :))

So, baby, in short, what is it??? Sometimes English is killing me!  ;D

I made a cute little stick figure and I wanted to put it in your mailbox as an initiation!
It's okay. I make up words all the time, like stick-figure-ified.


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