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An Apple Beatle:
Hello fellow Beatlers, I was driving home from a gig the other night and on my local radio station, John Lennon started talking. He was chatting about being a father and Yoko, and it was fascinating. It was like he was sat in the passenger seat talking to me. Anyway it ended all too abruptly and I wondered if some of you other guys could fill me in as to where I may get that last interview from and what radio show in America it was on. I was sad and further amazed to discover that he was shot later that day. Making the whole interview so much more poignant. I felt glad  how he got to explain his fathering thoughts about Julian but that was about the only section I got to hear.
Can anyone help?

Lenny Pane:
hmmmmm interesting .. you never said anything to me, was that friday or saturday night ? i wouldnt mind hearing that myself :)

An Apple Beatle:
Ahhhh, The Mr Kite! It was Friday night. You'd love it. I'll keep you posted.

Most likely it was the RKO interview earlier in the day with Dave Sholin.  After he was shot they did a 3 hour radio special, which I'm sure has been re-edited and redone again and again over the years.

An Apple Beatle:
Thankc Mr.C. :)


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