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94/95 Recording Sessions


I don't know if you guys have seen this website, bit it chronicals the recordings the 3 Beatles did in the 90's. They include pictures and interviews. Very fascinating stuff! I'm only half through it. The most annoying thing I've read is that there's tons of footage of them recording together but they've yet to release it. We only saw a tiny bit in the Anthology film. What's that about!!?? They always wait forever to release this stuff. I'll be 90 when it comes out. Just think, we're still waiting for the official DVD release of Let it BE! Oh well!
Here's the link:

The site is excellent as it gives a great insight to the Beatles Anthology and the Beatles reunions in the 90's

I read through all of that one was definitely fascinating.

I like this:

--- Quote ---Unconfirmed press reports at the time claimed that George, Paul and Ringo had now completed around ten hours of recordings, prompting rumours that the trio were working on an entire album. What exactly was recorded (apart from the above specified tracks) is still a mystery, although it
--- End quote ---


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