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In the liner notes of my pepper cd is a page by Peter Blake and in it he says that the Beatles already had an album cover that had been designed by the Fool.  Anyone have any information on this cover, what it would have looked like etc...?

I believe that's what ended up being in paper sleeve holding the record (the pink to white cloudy type shapes)

Yeah, i'm almost positive Charlie is correct. I think 'The Fool' had created the cover, but Robert Fraser wanted a more professional appearance, so the cover was scrapped and used for the album sleeve while Peter Blake got the nod. They also did the mural on the Apple boutique along with some stuff for Georges 'Wonderwall' flick.

I read that The Fool were always going to be included to do something (if anything) on Peppers, But Fraser (a man who had many links in the underground art scene of the early sixties) disagreed with the Fool being a part of the whole peppers-project, but his advice was ignored, as Mccartney wanted the inner sleeve design to be specially created by the Fool.

I dont think the front sleeve was ever thought to be created by the Fool.


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