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Favourite live albums

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Andy Smith:
i picked a great live album last week, Paul Weller's live wood.  :)

An Apple Beatle:
It's a corker...possibly my fave Weller album.

Andy Smith:

--- Quote from: 15 ---It's a corker...possibly my fave Weller album.
--- End quote ---

cool, Weller always sounds amazing live! my fav weller album has to be
Wild Wood.

An Apple Beatle:
Seen him 3 times and he did not disappoint on any occasion. I even got a drum skin signed by the band. :)
Wild Wood is probably my fave studio album but even though I have not listened to lIve wood in a while, I remember that really inspiring my music playing and for a while it made my previously fave Wild Wood seem a little tame. Especially Foot of the Mountain. I also like his 'white' album Weller Weller quite a bit too. Was into some of Heavy Soul & Stanley Rd but lost my way a bit after that.

An Apple Beatle:
Wynton Marsalis Septet - In This House, In This Morning

Disciplined freedom for me.

I havn't actually got many 'live' albums rather than video's...A good one is rare it seems...Will have to look into this area further.


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