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PID clue that's ruining a song for me.  Help!


I've never actually heard this on a PID site, so there may be several people here that may have not heard of this:

During the Sgt. Pepper Reprise when the Beatles go "Hea-arts.

He's really really really dead!

Ha, just kidding. I don't know.

[quote by=guest,m=1092254504,s=2 date=1092539650] "We're the band, the greatest band of all time"[/quote]

You got that right...They're the greatest band of all time: They made you believe Paul sung 'Paul's really, really dead now'.

[quote by=NGM,m=1092254504,s=1 date=1092537229]He's really really really dead!

Ha, just kidding. I don't know.[/quote]

LOL!  :D

[quote by=guest,m=1092254504,s=2 date=1092539650]0:02-0:03
In the introduction, John says "Look up, Byeee". An increase in hum is heard just before this as the faders open. On mono versions, just before the band start, there is more talking including what sounds like John saying "People City" just after the cluck.
 at 0:09/0:10 a man shouts the German words "Zieh die Hose aus!" which means something like "Take off your trouser!".
Someone says "Sorry, What?, This one?" on the bass drum beats. Followed by a half awake "Haah?" from Lennon. Paul sings something high pitched, sounds like "girl private cat".


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