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Beatles concert on film?


We all have the Anthology I think.
Great concert bits on there.
But is there any video tape/DVD/film around that contains a whole gig?
I mean they must have played hundreds of concerts that are taped on film.
Is there any complete concert for sale?

 On Ebay you can find complete shows from Japan during their tour there in 1966 as well as many other shows from around the globe. Let me say that there is no official complete Beatles concert on vhs or dvd by Apple. The Beatles First US Visit is the closet to a complete concert of sorts. It features their sets from Ed Sullivan and performances from Washington Collesium (you can buy this at any store). Ebay is the place to go for complete shows not sold anywhere else.

The eBay DVDs are bootlegs can download the complete Shea and some Japanese shows on Kazzaa or Bittorrents and whathaveyou for free.

It seems strange to me that they wouldnt have a complete concert on DVD...
Every other artist/band seems to have one (or more) out there...

The problem is mass media was not around back then.  Most film clips were from news accounts, DVD's not being foreseen.  And of course filming would have jeapordized the artist's rights, so that would not be allowed (same as now).  And there were no real venues...the film of the Beatles arrival to America and Washington DC concert was a film done pay-per-view in theaters, but was really not a popular or viable means of distribution back then, expecially for rock bands that were considered disposable entertainment for the kiddies.

And few of the post-fame concerts would have been worth watching anyway.


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