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John on George's songs?


Does anyone know why John didn't play on most of George's later songs? Did he want to give George the liberty of filling all the guitars in according to his own wishes, or was he just not a big fan of George's songs, or was it something else?

They were not on good terms with the Apple breakup and all.  John refused to come to a very important (and tense) meeting, sending a balloon instead.  As he was just blocks away George rang him and angrily ordered him to attend but he did not show up.

John for his part was cheesed because George would not allow Yoko on (his) stage for Bangaladesh.

Just basic bad blood all the way around.

John wasn't too fond of George's religious stuff....he does a "Blow Away" parody of sorts called "The Happy Rishikesh Song" on the Anthology boxed set.......John was never on any of George's recordings, I believe.....which seems to make sense, as at least George could play the guitar on John's songs. What could John do on a song that George had written?

Btw, George actually wanted to start a band with John in the 70's. True story.


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