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Billy Shears:
"having read the book"....... has everyone/anyone read this book?   i think it was written in 1968 or so, but it is, in my opinion, one of the best books about their lives. maybe because it was written when they were still together...just curious what others thought of really get an idea of how hard they worked for what they got....a lot of people think they showed up at Ed Sullivan's back door one day and were instantly famous...

It still is the only *authorized* biography of the group (beyond Anthology of course).

It is it then, read it a year or so ago as there have been one or two updates, with a whole new preafce chapter on catching up since 1968.  Not 100% but damned little is nowadays.  Good basic beatle book.

Its alrite, But I read this book after reading others, so i found it a little basic.

I have it and started reading it a long time ago... never got through it... but now that you mention it, I might just start reading it again. :)

sadly i can't read.................


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