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i have been looking at this site as Griff jr. suggested and am loving the he ll out of it you gotta check this out.we gotta get the beatles on it too.but their older stuff with ;D you know it gotta?????????i gotta quit with the must check out the under takers.
all these groups played great music.i would also like to see a lonnie d. section.

i kinda feel like this is my forum,since i come here more than any of not the whole forum just this fifth section.i must say this idea has charged my interest in making this happen.i will be back after a D E_MAIL..............

Heh, sorry about the long waits in between, but yeah, a lot of us skip over this section unfortunately. I don't. I simply forget about it.

The End:
That is a REALLY good site with loads of great downloadable Mersey tracks - some which are quite difficult to find! Well researched histories of many of the well known (and not so well known) groups of the Merseybeat era (check out The Big 3).

WELL worth a look.

Cheers PC ;D

That site is sweet. I hardly know anything about those bands, but that just shows my ignorance.

PC has my vote as the tutor for this site. I need to do me some learning.


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