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Author Topic: sixties compilations  (Read 5982 times)

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Re: sixties compilations
« Reply #20 on: August 16, 2004, 01:53:43 AM »

[quote by=Rowdy link=Blah.pl?b=cc,m=1092239751,s=8 date=1092275463]The Beatles are really picky about their own catalog......"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" was used in Bowling for Columbine, and I think it was the only time that one of the band's songs featured in a movie that wasn't theirs and wasn't someone covering them....Yoko decided to allow it because the film is anti Gun violence, which obviously lead to John's death.[/quote]

OMG! I cried when that song came on in the movie. I mean, it's an intense movie as it is, but then to hear that voice...heart breaking.  :'( 
I wonder how long it took Moore to get permission. I heard it's next to impossible and most flim makers give up like the people who wanted to use their songs in I Am Sam. They got close though I think. But the subject of Moore's movie and his brilliant film probably quickened the process. Is this really the only movie ever to get the privilege of using a Beatle tune? Wow.

Anyway,I'm glad they're picky about their songs and haven't sold out like so many of their contemporaries. They're smart too because it doesn't cheapen the music and overexpose it. That's probably one of the reasons why they always seem so fresh. Well, that and the fact that they're all geniuses!  ;)

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