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What was going on in Paul's head when he wrote "Get Back"? Who's JoJo and Sweet Loretta and why do they need to get back home?

I wish people here would anaylze the lyrics of Beatle songs. It would be fun to see what different answers Beatle fans would come up with. I'm not asking 'what did Paul say the song was about,' but what do You think the song is about.

I'm not sure what "Get Back" is really all about but it sounds like it refers to sexual innuendo. Its such a short lyric that its hard to have some two cents on it. If you guys have other songs to anaylze,  please put it on a thread, it could be interesting.

The End:
The song started out as a satirical comment on immigration, pakistanis and the racists of the day. The main lyrics of course changed, leaving only the chorus, "Get Back to where you once belonged" - bootlegs exist of the track which contain original lyrics  - every few years or so these are "un-earthed" and Paul is forced to explain the apparent racist content of the song.

The song evolved in the studio and the finished lyrics don't particularly mean anything - although Linda Eastman did live in Tucson Arizona for a short while! The stories of Jojo and Loretta were most likely written between Paul and John.

Good info TE.

JoJo was the nickname of Linda's first husband who lived with her in Arizona.

Well, this perhaps isn't what it's about but, because of the feeling towards John and Yoko's close relationship that was damaging the working relationship between the Beatles apparently at that time...maybe Paul was singing about that??? John said he felt that when he sang the line "get back to where you once belonged" he directed it at Yoko???


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