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Penny Lane:
Any "Star Trek" fans here?

I just found out that CBS has a YouTube channel where they've uploaded most of the original series' episodes.  http://www.youtube.com/show?p=Zk2dX5DnW_c

The CBS official website also has all the original episodes posted.

I don't care if the special effects are cheesy or if William Shatner does overact sometimes.   ;D  This is great stuff for geeks at heart! :)

I've always been more of Warsy (if thats the word) fan than a Trekkie, but the new movie was awesome i hope they continue it on from there

Andy Smith:
never got star trek myself.. :-/

I like it more now then when I was a kid.

fan numero uno:
i can only watch Voyager pesonally............i dont know, its too hard for me to try to learn names of other people and stuff. so, if its Voyager, then YES!


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