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Top 5 POP Albums ?

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I love a bit of good POP music , so which 5 POP albums do you like ?
Mine are :

1. The Lexicon Of Love - ABC
2. Private Dancer - Tina Turner
3. DARE - The Human League
4. Day & Age - The Killers
5. Parallel Lines - Blondie


Don't know how you're defining pop, but ...
1.  Thriller
2.  My Aim Is True
3.  The Cars' first one
4.  Monkees' Pisces ...
5.  Tapestry

Interesting list of lists (yes, I got stuck):

^^^^^ Was thinking Pop albums that are very commercial sounding walrus_21 , full of hits , Thriller from Michael Jackson is a good example you give (smile)
Was listening to ABC - The Lexicon Of Love (1982) this morning , and it's still rather good, it's full of catchy pop songs .
Love this song not sure about their fashion sense though lol


I never cared for this brand of Brit Pop.  Style-first, and really misguided at even that.  This genre, and cheesy hair metal, were rightly swept away by Nirvana and Pearl Jam.  

Where is our new savior?  ;-)  Probably an Internet mogul.  I've heard that theory more than once.  

^^^^^ Much of the 80's stuff as not aged well i must agree , but some pop songs from that time i still like , mind you it was my era .
The Smiths and The Cure were good ?
Not sure Nirvana swept the cheesy stuff away though , seem to remember the same been said about Punk doing similar .
It gets marginalized for a while i think, then something like pop idol/American idol comes along a your knee deep in cheese and it stinks worse than ever .


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