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Mr. Kite:

Some wonderful person has posted The Compleat Beatles on Youtube in 14 parts but with Japanese subtitles.  The subtitles are not in the way very much and for those of you who haven't  seen it I totally recommend it as it is a great documentary and was one of the reasons that I became a fan in the first place! Malcolm McDowell's narration alone is worth watching it.

Anyways here's the link to part 1:

01/14 The Complete Beatles (Japanese Subtitles)

Oh, what memories!!! I remember late 80's/early 90's taking 2 bus to go to rent this VHS...  10 times. When I got the money for buy it the cassette WAS BROKEN!!!

sgt. peppie:
at 6:52 through the video
it says that mimi bought him a guitar, that's not true!
she hated him playing music in her house in the first place
julia got him the guitar

Nice to see a young Bill Harry! ha2ha

Thanks for the notice, I so remember seeing this in the '80s, the VCR was relatively new then and my friend's boyfriend had one, I'd always rent this and watch it over at their place.

Youtube for me often stops in the middle of something good, I think computer may need more memory, perhaps?  I hope it'll let me see this in its entirety.  This needs to be brought out on DVD!  For awhile I was mistaken and thought maybe Anthology was Compleat Beatles with a new name.


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