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What have you seen on YouTube recently?

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Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America

We have some Red Foxes in our back fields and have seen them doing this several times over the years! It's pretty funny to watch.
It's also amazing to know how many Voles are running around under the snow. I run my snow blower in a big circle around a tray feeder so the ground feeding birds can get some seed and have seen lots of critters running for their lives as the blower rocks their world. It's a busy place under the snow!


Nice work of our activists agains illegal car parking

Watch it:
СтопХам 111 ГосДума. Михалков. Нападение

Hello Goodbye:

Я думаю, что я влюблен в девушку, которая разговаривает в конце видео.


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