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I've quickly checked the first page of this post a few times before, but I never commented. I quickly looked through the other pages and watched a little bit of a video, and I just wanted to say that you did a great job at making the George marionette and I bet that George would totally love it! I really love the pictures of "him" sitting in the garden from the post back in August! I also really love the most recent ones you posted; you do a great job at posing "him" :) ! The pictures of "him" next to pictures of the real George are awesome ha2ha I'm definitely going to watch the videos you posted! Overall, your creation is excellent and creative :) !

Unknown Delight:

Many thanks to you Jema for your nice comments.  I am glad to hear you have been enjoying this little project, exspecially the recent photos.  It means a lot to hear you say that Mr. Harrison himself may well have enjoyed this.
Hope you have fun checking out more of the Performance Videos featuring *George* on YouTube
Currently the best video to watch related to this project is the most recent, which i will post the direct link to here:

*George Harrison Marionette - Behind The Strings Revisited*

George Harrison Marionette - Behind the Strings - Revisited

Enjoy, and i thank you again for your kind words.

Unknown Delight:

Happy Birthday, *George* !

Hello Goodbye:
We can always count on you, Unknown Delight.

Happy Birthday, George.  You're missed.

Unknown Delight:
Re-posting the Birthday photo, as i accidentally broke the link above in my previous post recently.
Du*oh !

*George* celebrating his birthday this past February...

Here is a new photo, recently shared on the GH Marionette Facebook Page :

Reflecting on the past, a hand beckons from days of yore....


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