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Hello Goodbye:

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Hello Goodbye:
We are stardust....billion year-old carbon
We are golden.....and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.


Joni Mitchell-Woodstock (Big Sur Celebration)

Joni Mitchell

Live performance at Big Sur, September 14, 1969

I read an article in the newspaper over here last weekend and they stated that most of the myth of Woodstock is a legacy of the film that was made (and Martin Scorcese was involved). They way it was cut was an important thing. In the film, it looked as if Jimi Hendrix was the highlight of the festival. He was supposed to be, but because of numerous delays he did not perform until Monday in front of 'just' 10,000 people. Most of the audience had left by then. The film also showed about half of the groups that performed. A lot of people don't know that CCR was on Woodstock as well, but they didn't give permission to use the footage in the film.

When you look at Woodstock realistically, you've gotta wonder if it really was all that great to be there. The sound was terrible (designed to reach 200.000 people at best), by many accounts most of the bands really didn't perform that well, there was some pretty bad weather, there was hardly anything to eat or drink, there hardly were decent toilets, in the end they were about half a day behind scedule, there was such a huge traffic jam that there were probably more people that didn't make the festival than people that did... If you'd have such a festival now, you'd probably have a HUGE riot and police shutting everything down.

But than again, the fact that that didn't happen is probably what made Woodstock so cool.

This should be a cool movie... Can't wait to see it.


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