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The newly remastered songs bring out some nice revelations. This is an excellent blog including soundclips of things in the background that used to be unheard. Not just brought out by the remasters, but still interesting to hear.

Anybody found some other things?

I've heard many! but since I have to go to work right now, I'll just list one. There's a snare drum during the solo of Yer Blues that I've never heard before.

That's a really cool blog. I enjoyed listening to them. Thanks Bobber!

Those were really interesting.

I loved this one, that is, their sence of humor:

--- Quote ---“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” 1968
The isolated vocal track reveals a bunch of funny little bits, including: 1. John follows Paul’s “Yeah” with a “No!” 2. Paul’s “lend a hand” is followed by “Arm!” and “Leg!” 3. Paul’s “home sweet home” is followed by John’s “home, h-o-m-e.” 4. Paul’s “lend a hand” is now followed by George’s “Foot!”
--- End quote ---

I found this. Not anomalies, but differences between stereo and mono. Usually, mono mixes have longer fade outs and there are some different effects.
Part 1
The Beatles Catalog Mono Vs. Stereo - Differences (Part 1)
Part 2
The Beatles Catalog Mono Vs. Stereo - Differences (Part 2)


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