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help! i'm told that there is an album out there on which beatles songs are played on the piano in the style of classical composers. is this true? what album is it?

yes it is. I have it casette and it's pretty neat stuff. It is called "The Royal Philarmonica Orchestra plays The Beatles:
As i said nifty stuff, but unfortunatey i don't know where you could find! Anyway hope this helps

There are lots of classical interpretations of the Beatles repertoire.
The album you've been told of is actually two volumes issued in 1978 and 1979 called "Francois Glorieux Plays The Beatles". They have been reissued as "The Beatles from Bach to Bartok" in Belgium I think.
There are other interpretations of course. One of the most famous is "The Beatles Baroque Book" by Joshua Rifkin issued in 1965. Sadly this hasn't been reissued in cd. You can search also for Peter Breiner's "Let it be...J.S. Bach" (reissued as The Beatles Go Baroque, on Naxos)

capitol records released 5 of martin 2.


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