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Was George considered Black Irish?

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Yes, I know he was English, but his ancestry was Irish.  Do you think he was Black Irish (dark hair and eyes) as opposed to the blue-eyed, red-haired Irish?  If I'm remembering correctly his mom's father was from County Wicklow, and his father's family, several generations back, from County Sligo.  Black Irish men are sooooo good-looking!

Also, George's favourite tea was Earl Grey, I read somewhere.  Does anyone know how he drank that?  Plain, or with milk, lemon, sugar? 

These are just random questions on my mind today.

I was really hoping someone would know the answer to these two questions, that's too bad.

He wasn't black. Is that a big enough answer? A more ludicrous thread I have never seen.!!  4ac

Black Irish refers to anyone Irish with dark hair and eyes, as opposed to the Irish with more usual coloring of red hair and blue or green eyes, I believe I stated that in my original post.  It has nothing to do with 'being black', it is actually a very common term.   



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