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Which Beatle was the funniest?

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Why not.
When it comes to the famous press interviews, John always strikes me as far more uneasy and self conscious than the others. I think a lot of John's reputation as the "witty" Beatle comes more from his books than anything he ever said. Impossible to quantify, but I always find George and Ringo the quickest and wittiest when it came to the spoken word.
I reckon a good example is the "rattle your jewellery." Funny on paper, but John's delivery is nervous and hesitant. But George and Ringo snap out the one liners (many of which are actually funny) with apparent ease.

^ I also really enjoy George and Ringo's sense of humor. I think George had a really funny sarcastic humor that he was really good at timing.
And Ringo always had that humor that was so spontaneous you never saw it coming, I don't even think they always saw it coming. They would all burst into laughter when he would say a great one liner. It's always great to see their expressions when that happens.  :)

john 1 ha2ha ha2ha ha2ha ha2ha
ringo 2  ha2ha ha2ha ha2ha
paul 3  ha2ha ha2ha
george 4 ha2ha

John and Ringo.

That's not to say Paul and George haven't made some good jokes too. :D

Andy Smith:
John kept the Beatles sane i think with his wittiness and funny ways  ;)


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