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Guitarists: Fender or Gibson?

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I don't really care about the sound cause I'm not able to hear the difference anyway, but purely based on the way they look it's definately Gibson for me. IMO, the SG and Les Paul are by far the best looking guitars.

I never cared for Telecasters and Strats. For some reason I've always thought of Fender as the guitar for serious (and wannabe serious) musicians and Gibson as the guitar for people who just want to "rock out". And those have always been more appealing to me.


See what I mean? :) Imagine the guy on the second pic playing a light blue Strat... I think it would look odd.

I like both, but I chose Fender because I can play them easier and (from what I've played, at least) they have a lower action. But I really shouldn't say their my favorite now because my Parentals have bought me a Hofner for Christmas ;D :P

Hello Goodbye:
If based purely on looks, then I'd choose Gretsch.  

I own several guitars:

   1959 Gibson ES5 Switchmaster (Antique Sunburst)
   1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman
   1967 Gretsch Country Gentleman
   1969 Martin D35
   1990 Guild JF30-12
   2004 Jerry Jones Coral Sitar

The handsomest is the 1963 Country Gent...

And, of course, it has that early Beatles sound.   :)

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Fender for me.I have one cheap model-but no real Fender.I like how Gibson look but I prefer Fender.I think its sound is more versatil.

Ive always been a Strat fan, you dont need any other guitar IMO (I can make a strat sound like a Les paul but not vica versa))


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