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Kiss My Bad Self:
If (and i know its a big if) the beatles had stayed together. What would there next album have been like? Imagine if they had wrote the same songs. There next album will have had songs from McCartney, Ram, Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, and the All Things Must Pass album. Surely if this had happened this would have been an all time classic album. It will have had songs like Maybe Im Amazed, Jealous Guy, Working Class Hero, and My Sweet Lord all on the same record.

I know its very hypothetical but what do you reckon the track listing to this fantacy album would have been. Say you pick 4 songs of each album, including 4 from each side of All Things must Pass, so John Paul and George both contributed 8 songs. It will have been a double album. If the this album was made by the beatles the songs will have probably been different because on the plastic ono songs for example, Mcartney and George Martin will have put on there own touches. So anyway, what songs would be on the fantacy 1971 beatles album.

Kiss My Bad Self:
Hears Mine:-

1. Mother
2. Working Class Hero
3. Love
4. God
5. Imagine
6. Jealous Guy
7. Gimme Some Truth
8. Oh Yoko
9. The Lovely Linda
10. That Would Be Something
11. Teddy Boy
12. Maybe Im Amazed
13. Monkberry Moon Delight
14. Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey
15. Dear Boy
16. Back Seat Of My Car
17. My Sweet Lord
18. Wah Wah
19. Isnt It A Pity
20. If Not For You
21. All Things Must Pass
22. Apple Scrufs
23. Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)
24. Art Of Dying

What a killer!!!!! i didnt bother with trying to figure out the order of the tracks. Because its pointless. Even more pointless than this. The way i decided which tracks i picked was by thinking what tracks the beatles were most proud of. I think john will have wanted songs like god and imagine released over tracks like well well well or its so hard. Usually you can tell the filler on the albums. Although i've heard john say that he didnt like to have songs knocking around, he liked to release everything, but it dont matter. There were also the singles that were released. Such as Instant Karma, and didnt paul release some none album singles? I suppose before they released this album the beatles will have released a couple a singles. Imagine a double a side of Instant Karma and Give Peace a Chance, then this album coming out after it. It would have increased the beatles legacy even more.

It would have been a hell of an album! Just great!

That WOULD be like the ultimate album. What a concept! But sadly, things were not meant to be and The Beatles broke up. Just think about the possibilites though...

Kiss My Bad Self:
maybe its better that they split when they did though. this imaginary album would have been there last gasp. then they will have most likely gone like the stones. at least by splitting in 1970 the beatles have the most consistant musical legacy that no band can beat.


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