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Beatles - True Beginnings by Roag Best, Pete Best

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Anyone else have this book?
I got if because I just love the old pictures. Made my sister buy it for me, heh heh.

I saw a clip of a press conference with the Fab once and a reporter mentioned
Pete Best and John said in a really bored voice 'What's he sueing us for this time?'

This clip was from a video entitled 'JOHN LENNON' Trans Atlantic video. 1990. Cheap bad quality. Box reads 'contains no music performed by the Beatles. Documentary'. Picked it up in a yard sale, what the heck! If it's Beatles I'll buy it!

Back to Pete, I THINK he sued for comments made by the Beatles ( I think it was Ringo) in a Playboy interview which implied Pete had used drugs. The prellies, I imagine.

But like I said, I just love the old pictures!

MMm, sounds interesting, although I'm not that keen on the guy, as you say, it's the Beatles, so if I see it around here, I'll go for it!

Oh yeah, me and my sister always have referred to Pete Best  as just 'WORST'. When talking about him we just say 'worst'.
But like I said, I can't resist the pictures!

Pete Best always kind of annoyed me, but I'm like you, I'll buy anything as long as it's Beatles!

The End:
Pete Beat is actually a really nice guy who had every right to be bitter - it took him a long time to come to terms with his past, but he's doing OK now. Personally I think The Beatles made the right choice in hiring Ringo, but it was REALLY hard on Pete... for obvious reasons. Please don't judge him too harshly :)


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