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Alan Civil (horn on For No One)

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Alan Civil was a classical horn-player (the best in London, said Geoff Emmerick).
We wouldn't know about him if he hadn't played
on that McCartney composition. He died in 1989., and I would like to take some interesting facts
from his life:

It would be unrealistic to gloss over the fact that Alan Civil enjoyed a drink.
Apart from the Savage Club in which he felt he could truly relax,
he could match anyone's knowledge of pubs and landlords.

If he discovered what he called 'a real pub' - with good beer, no canned music and no
gambling machines - he would delight in sharing it. He cared about food and wine and the prospect
of a concert tour abroad could either fill him with joy or despondency, depending on the time
available to spend in good restaurants.

He played under the greatest conductors and yet had an encyclopaedic knowledge of
radio dance-bands and comedy shows. His humour was acerbic, yet he could quote from
memory an act of Max Miller's seen in a music hall a couple of decades previously.

It was sometimes difficult to reconcile the eminent international horn-player with the
jolly chap playing the piano, leading chorus singing. He was that rare person who enjoyed
listening as well as talking. Alan was the retailer and subject of numerous
Savage anecdotes, such as the time he arrived fresh from an Underground station where a
busker had been playing the French horn accompanied by one of Civil's own recordings.
Once on a train bound for Leeds he sat opposite a young girl who was wearing headphones from
which hissed a sound unacceptable for a long journey. When asked to turn the volume down she refused,
adding that it was a free country. Alan proceeded to take his horn from its case and to play Mozart loudly.
The girl then left the carriage to the applause of the other occupants. ;yes

Some info from Hello Goodbye here:

Hello Goodbye:

Alan Civil also played in the orchestral crescendo in A Day In The Life.

Mussorgsky / Ravel, Pictures on a exhibition horn solo


--- Quote from: Hello Goodbye on December 23, 2009, 09:34:09 PM ---Alan Civil also played in the orchestral crescendo in A Day In The Life.

--- End quote ---

Yes, but his horn is hard to hear there among that noise! :-)


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