Vintage original `Freak out' USA magazine
1967, February, Vintage original `Freak out' USA magazine. It is the beginning of the psychedelic era of the Beatles and other rock groups. If this doesn't bring back the 60's counterculture, purple haze, yellow sunshine, and free love, nothing will. Very rare with articles and pictures about the Beatles, The Doors, Country Joe, Every Mothers Son, NGC 4594, and many more
Vintage original `Freak out' USA magazine
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Category Discription Quantity
The Beatles themselves Cataloged and sorted by date Beatles pictures. 625
Movies Screenshots of different movies, advertisements. 106
John Lennon Pictures of John Lennon and his family. 163
Paul McCartney Pictures of Paul McCartney, his family and friends, Wings band. 121
George Harrison Pictures of George and his family. 67
Ringo Starr Pictures of Ringo, his family, friends, bands he played in. 44
People close to the Beatles Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe and other musicians the Beatles worked with. Brian Epstein, George Martin, Neil Aspinal, Mal Evans and other people who took part in Beatles public life. 33
Magazine covers Cover photographs of different magazines, photos from magazines and newspapers, etc. 74
Undefined Pictures not included in any of the categories. Pictures are not dated. 27
  Total: 1260
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