Reminiscing (Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg)
Author: King Curtis

Until setting be in a left hand
Holding you, feel so glad, so baby, oh baby

I still love her all over,
Anytime inside of me, any more
I can't over you, oh baby oh
What a hard, all time
You know my heart so timed.

When I think of that she told,
You know how hard to think of
Dreaming, oh, I'm only dreamin'
That my love told me now
That she feel so tired of me,
Oh yeah only I know, oh I loose baby
Till I thinking of her
Till I thinking of her, tell I thinking of her


Recorded Live: December, 1962 at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany
John Lennon - rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney - bass guitar
George Harrison - lead guitar
Ringo Starr - drums

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