You'll Be Mine ()
Authors: Lennon, McCartney; Lead vocal: McCartney

Well darling all the night
You'll be mine and I know
You'll be mine
Till you die
You'll be mine

And so all the night
You'll be mine
You'll be mine
And the stars
Always shine
You'll be mine

My darling.
When you burnt that toast the other morning
I, I looked into you eyes and I could see that National Health eyeball
and I loved you, like I never done, I have never done before!

Oh darling
In your eyes
And you'll be mine
You will be mine
You'll be mine
At the star and so
You'll be mine


Recorded: spring/summer, 1960 at Paul McCartney's house, Liverpool, England
John Lennon - rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney - guitar
George Harrison - lead guitar
Stuart Sutcliffe - bass guitar

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