Riding on a Bus (Conversation at the BBC)
Author unknown; Lead vocals: Brian Matthew, the Beatles

Before we hear another song fellows, there is a few things I'd like to ask you. First of all, do you ever get tired of being
Get so tired now, get a bit a lonely now.
Rhythm, who's that? Blues.
We don't think so, really.
You don't ever think that?
Just occasionally, you get cheesed off with people writing rubish about you, which you get often.
Yeah, I agree with that. I've had a divorce and a half a dozen kids.
Now what do you, uh, well, I mean doesn't, isn't this a big sort of drag to go around explaining to your wife that you're not
divorced and all that sort of things?
No, she knows I'm not divorced, 'cause I keep seeing her every day, you see?
Yeah, that's a point, but what about the simpler things of life. Like, uh...
Like riding a bus.
Yeah, or going to just about any restaurant you can find?
Well, yeah, you miss those sort of things.
We go to certain ones.
And we go to ones where the people there are so snobby. They're the type who pretend they don't know us, so we have a
good time, 'cause they pretend that they don't know us.
Joe's Cafe!
Yeah, that figures.
See, Joe's Cafe.? Social common that, you know.
It is.


Brian Matthew interviewing the Beatles November 17, 1964 on "Top Gear."

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