Crinsk Dee Night (Conversation at the BBC)
Author: The Beatles; Lead vocal: The Beatles

The next few minutes are in the lap of the gods and hands of the Beatles. In my young days, when I was a lad, they used
to have actors in films and they...
Now they...
Hey, listen.
It's all changed now.
It's all changed now.
Well this is what I'm wondering:
We're not doing that. No actors.
All now...
In those days the actors used to say their best bits were left on the cutting room floor. Did you find that?
No, no, no. These are the good bits in the film, that's certainly the best.
Was it really?
Even worse.
Who was worse?
Oh, Paul.
I see.
I think John was rather worse.
No, it was you.
Oh, RIngo was very good.
He was?
He's a good lad, yes.
They say he's a new Charlie Chaplan.
He was born that.
Do you think this is right?
He's a Charlie Chaplan?
Oh yeah, but he's an old one. OK Ring.
You're beginning to look like it.
Alright John!
Now then.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear him?
Not really, I hope not...
I hope not.
We brought the flowers, Ring.
Not allowed to talk.
We brought you the flowers.
Oh, good.
And the grapes.
Oh, I like grapes.
He likes grapes.
Time out, time out.
He needs a pause.
Well, then we are then.
Well, guess who's top of the pops in Portugal, then.
Los Beatles.
Los Beatles?
Rediculous, Los Beatles.
Os Beatles? Great, great laugh.
I don't suppose you know the title of you film in Portuguese?
No, "Crinsk Dee Night"?
Could be. Let's hear the number, shall we?


Introduction to "A Hard Day's Night."

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