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Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby
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Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby

First released: 1966, August 5

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  1. Yellow Submarine (2:41)
    Recorded: May 26, 1966 at Abbey Road, London, England with special effects overdubbed June 1, 1966
    John Lennon - acoustic guitar, background vocal, blowing bubbles through a straw
    Paul McCartney - acoustic guitar, background vocal
    George Harrison - tambourine, background vocal, swirling water in a bucket
    Ringo Starr - lead vocal, drums
    Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, George Martin, Alf, Geoff Emerick, Patti Harrison and studio staff - chorus on fadeout
    Session musicians - brass band
  2. Eleanor Rigby (2:08)
    Recorded: April 28, 1966 at Abbey Road, London, England with vocals overdubbed April 29, 1966 and another McCartney vocal added June 6, 1966
    John Lennon - harmony vocal
    Paul McCartney - double-tracked lead vocal
    George Harrison - harmony vocal
    Session musicians - four violins, two violas, two cellos
1966, August 5 Parlophone R5493 (UK)
1966, August 8 Capitol 5715 (US)
1981, November 30 Capitol A6297 (US)
Reviews & comments
M??rcio Ivam. (2010, November 17)
The "Eleanor Rigby" lyric`s, is pure poetry.Great vocals. "Yellow Submarine" brings Pattie Harrison and Alf, the Beatles driver`s on backing vocals.