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Today in Beatles history
1961 - Afternoon: Performance at the Cavern, with Karl Terry and the Cruisers, with Ian and the Zodiacs.
1964 - Charity concert at the Paramount Theatre, New York. Performance for the Ed Sullivan Show. End of the North American tour.
1967 - Cilla Black's vacations due to end this day.
1968 - Studio 2. 7.00-11.00pm. Tape copying: `Piggies' (of take 11 into take 12). Recording: `Piggies' (overdub onto take 12). Producer: Chris Thomas; Engineer: Ken Scott; 2nd Engineer: Mike Sheady. Copy of `Piggies' from 4- to 8-track tapes. Recording of vocals and pigs sounds for `Piggies'.
1969 - John Lennon announces to the others that he is leaving the band. Lennon's announcement never made it to the press because of their newly negotiated royalty contract they signed with EMI.
1971 - US LP release: `Fly'.
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