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Today in Beatles history
1961 - Performance at the Casbah Coffee Club in West Derby, Liverpool.
1963 - Concert at the Azena Ballroom, Sheffield (Helen Shapiro tour).
1964 - Two 25-minute performances at the New York Carnegie Hall. Dezo Hoffmann and Brian attend. British Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home and US President Lyndon B. Johnson meet at the White House. Johnson says: `I like your advance guard. But don't you think they need haircuts?'
1964 - `She Loves You', 24th and last week in the Top 30 (UK New Musical Express chart). `Please Please Me' LP, 47th week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart). `With The Beatles' number 1, 12th week (UK New Musical Express chart).
1965 - Brighton. Ringo and Maureen's wedding trip. Ringo receives reporters to officially announce his marriage.
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1965 - `New Musical Express' announces that the Beatles will star on a film version of the novel `A Talent For Loving'.
1966 - Brian is at the New Arts Theatre, London, as producer of `A Smashing Day'.
1967 - Evening: Brian attends `Disc and Music Echo' Valentine awards night, at the Hilton Hotel, London.
1969 - `Yellow Submarine' LP, 4th week in the ranking (UK New Musical Express chart).
1970 - BBC-TV's `Top Of The Pops' first broadcasts John's performance of `Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)' (filmed 11 February 1970).
1990 - Paul's concert in Cincinnatti (`Get Back Tour').
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