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Today in Beatles history
1961 - Performance at the Top Ten Club, 136 Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany.
1963 - Performance at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey (`Mersey Beat Showcase' banner).
1964 - `With The Beatles' number 1, 21st and last week (UK Record Retailer chart). `Can't Buy Me Love' number 1, 4th week; 4th week in the Top 100 (Billboard).
1964 - Hall Of Remembrance, Chelsea Manor Buildings, London. Rehearsal for `Around The Beatles'.
1965 - ABC-TV transmits the 2nd part of New Musical Express Poll Winner's Concert (filmed 11 April 1965).
1966 - Abbey Road, Room 65. 10.00-11.00am. Mono mixing: `Got To Get You Into My Life' (remixes 1, 2, from take 8). Producer: not assigned; Engineer: Peter Vince; 2nd Engineer: not assigned. Remix without echo, for cutting acetates.
1967 - Studio 3. 7.00pm-3.45am. Recording: `Magical Mystery Tour' (tape loop of coach noise, takes 1-3, tape reduction take 3 into takes 4-8). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush. Recording of rythm track and tape loop of car noise for `Magical Mystery Tour'. Decision of adding trumpets. Start of sessions for `Magical Mystery Tour'.
1967 - 2nd evening of Donovan performances at the Saville Theatre.
1969 - Abbey Road, Room 4. 11.30am-12.30pm. Mono mixing: `On Our Way Home' (working title of `Two Of Us') (remix 1). Producer: not assigned; Engineer: Peter Mew; 2nd Engineer: Chris Blair. Remix of `Two Of Us' for Paul to present it to the New York trio Mortimer, whom he intended to give it to record, which didn't materialize.
1969 - Premiere of `Rape', during the Montreaux film festival.
1970 - `Let It Be' single, 7th week in the Top 30 (Billboard). `Live Peace In Toronto', 16th week in the ranking (Billboard).
1970 - George Harrison interview in New York City before return to England.
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