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Today in Beatles history
1931 - Allen Klein is born in Newark, New Jersey.
1961 - Ron White sends an apology to Epstein, rejecting the group.
1961 - Performance at noontime in the Cavern Club in Liverpool.
1962 - Ted Kingsize Taylor starts recordings of groups at the Star Club.
1962 - The Beatles go to Germany. Night. Start of performances at the Star Club (5th season).
1963 - `She Loves You', 16th week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart). `Please Please Me' LP, 39th week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart). `With The Beatles' number 1, 4th week (UK New Musical Express chart). `I Want To Hold Your Hand' number 1, 3rd week (UK New Musical Express chart).
1963 - Being an hour early for today's BBC session, the Beatles buy clothes at Simpson's, 203 Piccadilly, London. [17 December?]
1963 - BBC Paris Studio, London. 7.00-10.30pm. Recording for BBC's `From Us To You' (1st edition): `From Us To You'; `She Loves You'; `All My Loving'; `Roll Over Beethoven'; `Till There Was You'; `Boys'; `Money (That's What I Want)'; `I Saw Her Standing There'; `Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport'; `I Want To Hold Your Hand'; `From Us To You'.
1964 - The 2nd `Christmas Record' is sent to the members of the Fan Club.
1964 - Bud Ornstein, British production head of United Artists, quits his job and announces he and Brian will form Pickfair Films Limited, film producing company.
1965 - `We Can Work It Out'/`Day Tripper' number 1. [Chart?]
1966 - Brian presents Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band in two houses at the Saville Theatre.
1966 - Warner Theatre, London. World premiere: `The Family Way'. Paul and Jane attend.
1966 - Shortly before 1am, Tara Browne and Suki Poitier leave the friends' house they had spent the evening at in search of a late meal. 7 minutes later their car crushes into a stationary van in Redcliffe Gardens (at Redcliffe Square).
1967 - Paul and Jane stay at Paul's High Park Farm, near Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.
1968 - Royal Albert Hall, London. `Celebration In December-A Community Benefit', alternative Christmas event. John and Yoko appear in a white bag, act called `Alchemical Wedding'.
1969 - John signs 3000 lythographies from his collection `Bag One' at Ronnie Hawkins's farm.
1970 - An eighth `Christmas Record' is sent to the members of the Fan Club. It is an LP containing all previous 7 Christmas records.
2000 - reports that the Beatles 1 album has "become 2000's biggest-selling album - in only five weeks. The album "1" overtook Moby's Play at the weekend by breaking 1.3 million sales. It is at the number 1 in the UK chart for the fifth consecutive week, the longest run by the Beatles since Abbey Road in 1969."
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