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Today in Beatles history
1960 - Performance at the Neston Institute, Hinderton Road, Neston, Wirral, Cheshire.
1961 - Performance at the Top Ten Club, 136 Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany.
1963 - Concert at the Regal, Yarmouth.
1964 - Return to London, at the Heathrow airport.
1965 - Concert at the Palais des Fetes, Niza, France.
1966 - Concert at the Budokan Hall, Tokyo.
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1967 - 1st concert of the Monkees at the Empire Pool, Wembley, presented by NEMS Enterprises.
1967 - `The Times' editorial headlined `Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel?' leads a strong public outcry for the trial on drugs charges of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Robert Fraser.
1978 - UK single release: `Tomorrow'.
1990 - Paul's performance for the Knebworth concert.
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