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Today in Beatles history
1961 - Performance at St. John's Hall, Bootle in Lancashire.
1962 - Performance at the Cavern, with Jim McHarg's Jazzmen.
1963 - Concert at the Gaumont, Hanley. End of Helen Shapiro tour, 1st Beatles British tour.
1963 - Helen Shapiro asks the Beatles a song.
1964 - Studio 1 (control room only). 10.00am-1.45pm. Mono mixing: `I Should Have Known Better' (from take 22); `If I Fell' (from take 15); `Tell Me Why' (from take 8); `And I Love Her' (remix 1, from take 21); `I'm Happy Just To Dance With You' (from take 4); `I Call Your Name' (from take 7). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Norman Smith; 2nd Engineer: A. B. Lincoln. Remixes for EMI and United Artists.
1964 - Transmision in London of the television show `The Big Out' (recorded 29 February 1964).
1964 - Shooting of early scenes for `A Hard Day's Night', on board a train leaving from Paddington Station. The train carrying the Beatles from Minehead to Paddington stops unannounced at West Ealing Station, to avoid the fans waiting at Paddington. The Beatles are taken into the booking office and sign autographs. Within minutes the group are taken away in a car.
1964 - [Some day between 2 and 6 March 1964.] After a day of filming in the West Country for `A Hard Day's Night', the Beatles return to Westbourne Park Station, London.
1967 - Studio 2. 7.00pm-2.15am. Recording: `Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (overdub onto take 10). Mono mixing: `Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' (remixes 1-4, from take 8). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush. Recording of brasses and guitar solo for `Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. John takes home a tape of conversation of musicians, Paul and Martin, for his private collection.
1967 - UK LP release: `The Beatles Girls', instrumental, by George Martin.
1990 - Paul's concert in Tokyo (`Get Back Tour').
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