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Hey Jude / Revolution
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Hey Jude / Revolution

First released: 1968, August 26

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  1. Hey Jude (7:08)
    Recorded: July 31, 1968 at Trident Studios, London, England with the forty-piece orchestra overdubbed August 1, 1968
    John Lennon - acoustic guitar, background vocal
    Paul McCartney - lead vocal, bass guitar, piano
    George Harrison - lead guitar, background vocal
    Ringo Starr - drums, tambourine
    Forty-piece orchestra - sustained notes, clapping, "na-na-na" chorus
  2. Revolution (3:24)
    Recorded: July 10, 1968 at Abbey Road, London, England with overdubs added July 11-12, 1968
    John Lennon - lead vocal, lead guitar
    Paul McCartney - bass guitar, organ
    George Harrison - lead guitar
    Ringo Starr - drums
    Nicky Hopkins - piano
1968, August 26 Apple R5722 (UK)
1968, August 30 Apple 2276 (US)
Reviews & comments
M??rcio Ivam. (2011, April 18)
The Nicky Hopkins piano, with The Beatles, in "Revolution", is a lesson of pure rock and roll."Jude" is beautiful classic song.Great single.
andy (2008, August 26)
Hey Julian Jude its been 40 years ago already since this super fantastic song came out Long live the Fab Four from Liverpool the one and only BEATLES since 38 years not together but still in our hearts and music ears