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The Beatles' Christmas Album
The Beatles' Christmas Album

First released: 1970, December 18

  1. The Beatles' Christmas Record (5:00)
    Recorded October 20, issued December 6, 1963
  2. Another Beatles' Christmas Record (4:01)
    Recorded October 26-28, issued December 18, 1964
  3. The Beatles' Third Christmas Record (6:20)
    Recorded October 19, issued December 17, 1965
  4. The Beatles' Fourth Christmas Record - Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas (6:36)
    Recorded November 25, issued December 16, 1966
  5. Christmas Time Is Here Again! (6:08)
    Recorded November 28, issued December 15, 1967
    Produced by George Martin
    Engineered by Geoff Emerick
  6. The Beatles' 1968 Christmas Record (7:50)
    Recorded separately, in the fall of 1968, issued December 20
  7. The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record (7:39)
    Recorded separately, in the fall of 1969, issued December 19
This album was issued only to U.S. members of the Official Beatles Fan Club for Christmas, 1970.

Producers: George Martin, The Beatles.
1970, December 18 Apple SBC-100 (US)
Reviews & comments
Joseph Behrens (2012, July 15)
@stealurface, These tracks are just kind of a strange glimpse into the mindset of the Beatles at the time. The thing I find the most odd is that this was really them communicating with the fan club. It is a very strange communication. There are some gems mixed in, but for the most part I think you are right. They are a painful listen, though kind of funny and clever at times. For the die-hard, they are definitely worth a listen or two. Don't pay $500 for the silly thing.
Dale Harris (2009, October 17)
I was a member of The Beatles Fan Club and recieved this album when the club closed shop.Back in 1987 I was listening to a radio show about collectables,I called up,explained what I had and he said it was worth at least $500.00.It wasn't too long after that I broke up with a girl and moved out.I never got that album back.It still holds special memories for me when I think of it.The Beatles had a lot of fun making it each year I'm sure.
(2009, May 30)
Tassos (2008, December 1)
I\'m a Beatleholic and I hardly can listen to any other music!!!
Big Dave (2008, October 10)
The great thing about this collection is that it mirrors the growing talents and studio sensibilities that the Fabs developed as there careers bloomed. The first couple of greetings are recorded after long days in the studio, they are half in the bag (drunk) and cracking each other up, they are lose and in 1964 and '65 there were very few times when their guards were down. On these recordings they weren't just down, they were gone. They are very creative, fun recordings that taken in context of those times are really enjoyable and a peek inside their world for the then Fan Club members. Great Fun!
stealurface (2003, April 5)
well...i'm not sure if i qualify to give this review..frankly i couldnt sit through it...zzzzz zzzzz....need i say more?