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The Beatles Past Masters, Volume One
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The Beatles Past Masters, Volume One

First released: 1988, March 7

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BID 3:16 (2011, February 17)
Can't get the site to accept the YouTube link to the I Call Your Name Beatles cartoon. You may perform your own search under Beatles Cartoon I Call Your Name to hear the US version of I Call Your Name.
BID 3:16 (2011, February 17)
The CD rating was not the purpose for my comment. I noticed quite a number of years ago that there are two versions of I Call Your Name. If you listen to the US and British versions, you will see that there is some cowbell missing from the British version. If you have a fever and the only thing that will cure it is "more cowbell," you should listen to the US version of I Call Your Name. Here's a link to The Beatles cartoon which features the US version (from The Beatles' Second Album). Listen for yourself: Compare it to the British version (from Past Masters - Volume One) and it will seem like someone just realized "Hey, I'm supposed to be playing the cowbell!" And as a result, the cowbell seems to begin abruptly and makes the British version seem somewhat "disjointed" by comparison. My question(s) would be: Were these two versions recorded the same day? Are the two different versions the result of mixing/producing vs. alternative takes?