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Yellow Submarine (Songtrack)
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Yellow Submarine (Songtrack)

First released: 1999, September 13

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In the town where I was born....this was the first cd I ever owned (2009, May 27)
This cd was my first introduction to who the Beatles were. Being born long after they were a hit, made it difficult to really appreciate its worth. This cd was my first cd ever and by far one of my favorites. As I became older and started to appreciate the Beatles more, I have discovered more and more of their songs. As a result, I still can't help but reference back to this cd. I've practically come across their entire collection, and are near to completly owning it, but this one is one of my prized possessions. Of all their songs I've listened to, the songs on this cd are by far some of their greastest. a great cd to have!!!
Lewis Sewter (2002, October 30)
The album I think brings some of the greatest Beatles songs under into one album. "Nowhere Man" and the "Sgt. Peppers, and Little Help From My Friends" being at the forefront of the album. Yet it still hides away some gems, "Hey Bulldog" and "Think For Yourself" to name but a few. This album deserves more Praise despite being only a complemation album. Hats off to The Boys. 10/10