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20 Greatest Hits
20 Greatest Hits

First released: 1982, October 11

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ric (2010, June 14)
jake (2010, January 14)
This album (I owned it on vinyl), used the british mixes. It was striking to hear "I feel fine" in particular. I started buying the British LP's after hearing it. Also, I recall that "Hey Jude" got an early fade out (at least it did on the LP). Its running time was about 5 minutes.
David Chaves (2008, February 2)
Impressive... I got this one also on tape on 1985 and at that time I was 5 years old and definitely meant the world to me then, still have playlists on my laptop exactly on the tape?s order.
Jeff Towne (2006, August 19)
I got this tape for Christmas in 1982 and it changed the way that I listen to music. This album might be not mean much to someone older, but it meant everything to me.