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Author Topic: Beatles Mastermind 1 Answers & Standings  (Read 2510 times)

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Beatles Mastermind 1 Answers & Standings
« on: March 23, 2008, 12:09:26 PM »

Here's the answers to the first round of Beatles Mastermind questions, with the current standings below it.

Beginnings (2 points)
Who was the Beatles first manager?
Allan Williams

Beatlemania (2 points)
What was the first song they sang in the USA?
All My Loving

The Studio Years (2 points)
Who is standing between Oliver Hardy, and HG Wells on the cover of Sgt Pepper?
Karl Marx

And In The End (2 points)
After the drum solo in 'The End', in what order are The Beatles playing their guitar solo's?
Paul, George, John

At The Movies (2 points)
Which actor appeared in three Beatles films?
Victor Spinneti

Quote Unquote (4 points)
Who said this, and about what?: "We've played many palaces, including Frisco's Cow Palace. But never this one before. It's a keen pad and I like the staff. Thought they'd be dukes and things but they were just fellas".
Paul McCartney, talking about being at Buckingham Palace

The Big Picture (2 points)
Which album cover is this detail taken from?


Name That Tune

I'm Down

Beat The Intro

Slow Down

The Solo Years (6 points)
Billy Shears is the subject of 'With A Little Help From My Friends', on Sgt. Pepper. But which solo Beatle song does he also appear in? Name the Artist, the song, and the songwriter. Two points for each.
Ringo Starr, I'm The Greatest, John Lennon

The Big Finish (10 points)
Who sent Paul and Linda McCartney a wedding present of a circular bed with a note attached saying "May all your stains be large ones"?
Alice Cooper & Groucho Marx

Standings after Round One

Bobber  45
Geoff   45
Harry Lime   45
The End   45
Zipp   45
Harihead   38
Lissy   38
Maccalennon  38
Bungalow Bill   36
Beatlemaniac64  36
Klang   35
Fendertele   32
DaveRam   18
Kevin   10
Pauliebear   4

In the last question, I gave half marks (5) to anyone who only gave one name.


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