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Yellow Submarine
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Yellow Submarine

First released: 1969, January 17

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Joe (2011, June 2)
Hardly the best album in the world but still somewhat good. I love the lyrics in All Together Now: "Black, white, green, red. Can I take my friend to bed?" It's so freaky it's good! There is some great bass work on Hey Bulldog. And out of the George Martin compositions I love Pepperland and Yellow Submarine in Pepperland.
john cocks (2006, September 5)
Not really a BEATLES album but still some great songs HEY BULLDOG,ITS ONLY A NORTHERN SONG and the brilliant ITS ALL TO MUCH MORE more for a completist than an average listener.
All Music Guide (2002, April 28)
The only Beatles album that could really be classified as inessential, mostly because it wasn't really a proper album at all, but a soundtrack that only utilized four new Beatles songs. (The rest of the album was filled out with "Yellow Submarine," "All You Need Is Love," and a George Martin score that held little appeal to rock listeners.) What's more, the four new tracks were little more than pleasant throwaways that had been recorded during 1967 and early 1968. These aren't all that bad; "All Together Now" is a kiddieish singalong, "Hey Bulldog" has some mild Lennon nastiness, and Harrison's "It's All Too Much" is highlighted by some tidal waves of feedback guitar. It would have been far better value if it had been released as a four-song EP (an idea the Beatles even considered at one point, with the addition of a bonus track in "Across the Universe," but ultimately discarded). — Richie Unterberger