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Abbey Road
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Abbey Road

First released: 1969, September 26

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Reviews & comments
Reuben (2016, February 29)
The last and The Best!!!
Joe (2011, June 2)
This album is amazing. So many beautiful songs such as Here Comes the Sun (a song which sometimes brings tears to my eyes), Something, Come Together and the incredibly underrated I Want You (She's So Heavy).
M??rcio Ivam. (2010, December 2)
The cover with "Paul is dead" story.In the car:"28 IF".The piano solo in "Come Together", I think is Paul."Oh Darling",brings the best of Paul singer.George`s "Something" and "Here comes the Sun",beautiful songs.The album is the open door to progressive sound.Classic album!In Brazil, to some people,the best album of the Beatles.John & Ringo, fantastic!Great yesterday,today and forever!
Jim Cargle (2009, November 11)
John played piano on Something, but it all got wiped except the part where he plays the syncopated bass part after "I don't know, I don't know". He may not have played on Here Comes The Sun. He was in a car accident - "he blew his leg out in a car..." - and missed a lot of the later sessions. A lot of tracks he only sang on.
Ingemar Andersson (2009, November 10)
Isn\'t Billy Preston playing the organ on \'\'I Wan\'t You\'\'(She\'s so Heavy). Mark Lewisohn says that John Lennon is not playing on George Harrisons\'s two song Something and Here Comes The Sun.
Никола Коматовић (2008, July 3)
Their best album, I am certain. I have no favorite song, but I suppose that medley on the B-side did more for me then any other song of the Beatles. P.S.: OK, for a degree or another, I like more "You Never Give me Your Money", but only because of harmony.
john cocks (2006, July 23)
The last time the beatles would be togehter in a stuido but what an album to finish with,a joy to listen to from the begining to THE END beatles fans must have wept when the needle left the run off track for the last time in 1969 a very sad day when the beatles broke up,just listen to this album and youll agree.
Iva (2006, May 13)
I'm listening to "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" right this second, and am planning to finish listening to the album before I make any other plans -- that's how big a masterpiece it is...classic.
Elbert Orduz (2005, April 8)
UN ALBUM CREADO EN EL CIELO ES ESTE ABBEY ROAD. Que mas se le podia pedir a The Beatles. Sencillamente, desde Come Together hasta The End... un album fluye dejando a su paso el mas bello y eterno mensaje de ellos para nosotros... su musica: perfecta, eterna, unica y maravillosa. Mis canciones preferidas: HERE COMES THE SUN, BECAUSE, MAXWELL´S SILVER HAMMER, GOLDEN SLUMBERS Y CARRY THAT WEIGHT... claro sin demeritar ninguna de las demas. UN 10 para el mejor album de la historia de la musica... VOX POPULI.
Carlos Perez (2004, May 31)
The last album the Beatles recorded, it is also arguably their best. It is ironic, at this tumultuous time for the band, that they sound more like a band on this album than any other. As for the album, it is composed of the famous Side 1 and Side 2; effectively combining the genius of Revolver, the production, creativity and cohesion of Sgt. Pepper, and the breadth and strength of the White Album into a fusion of studio bliss. Though this was the last album, all members were at the peak of their forms with immaculate contributions: John contributes the hard rockers "Come Together" and "I Want You", the longest Beatles song ever recorded and an ode to desperate longing; Paul goes comical with "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and sets the tone for Side 2 with "You Never Give Me Your Money"; George's "Something" was considered by John to be the best cut on the album and is one of the most covered songs in history, and his "Here Comes the Sun" features a gorgeous, peaceful guitar lick; and Ringo sings the childlike daydream "Octopus' Garden" in his unmistakable voice. And that's just Side 1! As stated before, Paul's "You Never Give Me Your Money" sets the tone for Side 2, one of the greatest achievements in the history of rock and roll. Taking several unfinished songs blended together one after the other, a la Sgt. Pepper, the songs paint an unadulterated picture of a walk through the Beatles sublime view of Abbey Road, and remains a hallmark to the Beatles' collective genius. And the album ends aptly with "The End", where each Beatle plays a solo on his respective instrument and thus says 'good bye' in his own special way, providing a fitting and emotional end to their last will and testament.
Joe Kopsick (2003, May 23)
John's "Come Together" is one of his greatest songs of all time. George's "Something" was brilliant with an awesome guitar part in the middle. The quiet one had finally paid off. Paul's "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" was delightful. "Oh! Darling" was not of Paul's best work. Ringo's "Octopus's Garden" was the best he ever wrote (out of the two he did by himself). John's "I Want You (She's So Heavy):" heavy indeed. George's "Here Comes the Sun" is the best thing anyone ever wrote while in a garden. The harmony on "Because" is incredible. The "You Never Give Me Your Money" - "Sun King" - Mean Mr. Mustard" - "Polythene Pam" - "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" - "Golden Slumbers" - "Carry That Weight" - "The End" was the best way to end this career-completing album. "Her Majesty:" kind of unnecessary but charming either way. You can't listen to this album one song at a time.
All Music Guide (2002, April 28)
The last Beatles album to be recorded (although Let It Be was the last to be released), Abbey Road was a fitting swan song for the group, echoing some of the faux-conceptual forms of Sgt. Pepper, but featuring stronger compositions and more rock-oriented ensemble work. The group were still pushing forward in all facets of their art, whether devising some of the greatest harmonies to be heard on any rock record (especially on "Because"), constructing a medley of songs/vignettes that covered much of side two, adding subtle touches of Moog synthesizer, or crafting furious guitar-heavy rock ("The End," "I Want You (She's So Heavy)," "Come Together"). George Harrison also blossomed into a major songwriter, contributing the buoyant "Here Comes the Sun" and the supremely melodic ballad "Something," the latter of which became the first Harrison-penned Beatles hit. Whether Abbey Road is the Beatles' best work is debatable, but it's certainly the most immaculately produced (with the possible exception of Sgt. Pepper) and most tightly constructed. — Richie Unterberger