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Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul

First released: 1965, December 6

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Jim Knight (2011, October 29)
The US version is the first album I ever bought, and while the UK version is great and the Beatle's choice, I think the US version holds together more as consistent sound. Of course, the US version is the one I heard most of my life, so I could just be biased by my personal experience.
Chris Carter (2010, November 23)
For the ONLY time ever , Capitol's US version of a Beatles LP (Rubber Soul) is "perfect". Yes Capitol should be jailed for releasing the US Revolver with only 2 John Lennon songs(???)but the US Rubber Soul is ***** ! Yes a better collection than the UK....but it only happened once!But that's just me.
Jaan Kallio (2010, October 15)
US album with a same name is better than the original one.
Art Connor (2010, October 6)
The album can almost be viewed as two separate works - The original Beatles UK version with its "soul" influence and the US version with its Folk Rock feel. I made a CDR version for the car with both versions. regardless of what version, it is one of The Beatle'best albums. Like a fine vintage wine, it gets better with aga.
David Tongue (2008, September 5)
What are you on about? The USA Version is better?? The UK version is the Beatles' version not Capitols. This album is a masterpiece. Lennon peaked (I feel) on this album whereas McCartney peaked on Pepper. This album is a must have for anyone wanting to try to understand what the Beatles are about. This and Abbey Road
Daniel Celano (2008, August 27)
I have three songs that show two different stereo mixes and one mono mix that do not appear on the UK standard release. The Word - USA Stereo with Double-Tracking Vocals Michelle - USA Mono with Louder Percussion and Longer Fade-out by probably 9 seconds I\'m Looking Through You - USA Stereo with a False Start
Bill (2004, July 18)
I agree with the previous poster. The US version of this album is a much nicer collection of songs (never really liked "If I Needed Someone," "Nowhere Man," and "Drive My Car" much anyway.) Songs like "Norwegian Wood" and "In My Life" are as good as anything the Beatle ever did! A must have for any Beatles fan.
? (2003, May 18)
Take away: Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, What Goes On and Act Naturally. Add: I've Just Seen A Face and It's Only Love. While the American version doesn't match it's UK counterpart, it has a nice flow to it and the music is of the same high quality. So one point docked off simply because there's only twelve songs here instead of fourteen.
All Music Guide (2002, April 28)
In a stroke of marketing whimsy, Capitol Records removed four songs from the U.K. edition of Rubber Soul, and added two songs from the U.K. Help! in an attempt to offer a more "American" release. Surprisingly enough, the reworked U.S. edition holds together better than its British counterpart. Obviously inspired by the folk-rock sound blossoming in the States, the songs on the U.S. Rubber Soul show the influence that the sound of the Byrds and the songwriting of Bob Dylan were having on the Beatles. The songs added from Help! (the pleading acoustic "It's Only Love and the rollicking opener "I've Just Seen a Face") change the entire feel of the album, making it more earthy and textural. By dropping the piano-driven "Drive My Car" and the stark "Nowhere Man", the U.S. edition stands as a much more organic and warm musical whole, enduring as by far the most intimate Beatles album until Let It Be was released in 1970. [Some pressings of the U.S. edition were released with an odd "false start" at the beginning of "I'm Looking Through You," a fact that is sure to prick up the ears of die-hard Beatles fans upon first listen.] — Zac Johnson